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Schedule a Consultation

We’re a different kind of paint company, so our process seems to be a bit different from most contractors our clients have worked with previously. Since it is a bit different, it makes sense to let every potential client aware of it prior to calling us.

The main difference is that from start to finish, the interactions are focused on our clients.

We’re pretty confident in our painting skills but they don’t mean squat if we’re not producing the job to meet and exceed our client expectations.

As anyone reading this can imagine, just about every painting company likes to say things like that. It’s really not too different from a potential employee’s resume that lists “hardworking” and “team-player” as skills they have. So now that we’ve claimed we’re customer-centric, we have to prove it to differentiate ourselves from the other painting companies.

The most customer-focused aspect of our company is our transparency. Nobody likes to get nickel and dimed or get left in the dark as far as how the process goes when hiring a contractor.

Our Consultation Process

Since we made the claim, we still have to back it up, right? So without further ado, here is our phone consultation process.

1. Please send us Photos of your project

When potential customers first want to work with us, they notice that our website Contact Form allows them to easily upload photos of their project. This can be from their computer, tablet, or their cell phone.

2. Phone Consultation

With the photos in hand, we can proceed to have a meaningful conversation to determine if we’re the right contractor for their project. Since everyone has different life backgrounds, one person’s “small paint job” could be a major overhaul for someone else. The pictures help us to see what our clients our seeing so we can discuss the same project.

  1. Open and Honest conversation
    1. Life’s complicated enough so we try to keep the conversation with potential clients as simple as possible. The path to Painting Happiness is paved with clear expectations, so we’re going to be asking a lot of questions to determine client needs.

      The phone consultation takes about 15-20 minutes and we’ll review the photos that have been submitted to discuss goals for the project. We’ll even talk about expectations for our company. If a client has a hard timeline or any other specifics, we want to know about them!

      While it may seem intricate, we just want to ensure that we’re a good fit and if not, recommend a company that may be more fitting.

  2. Immediate Price Quote
    1. Once we’ve had our discussion and explored all the variables of the project, we can provide a verbal estimate during the call.

      There’s a saying that “customers don’t go to customer school” so how do they know what things cost? This is why we like to give ballpark figures over the phone. Our employees are people too so if we’re mentally preparing to spend up to $500 on new tires for our car, we’d like to know before taking off work and driving to the shop that the cheapest tires they have start at $1,100.

      By discussing the budget and addressing the elephant in the room, we can ensure that our proposal is tailored to both our client’s budget and

3. At Home Consultation

If a client determines that we’re the right contractor for them and that the budget we discussed makes sense, the next step is a site visit. We’ll come out to the home, take a walk around to ensure nothing was missed during the phone consultation and finalize the contract.

While it’s certainly not going to be a high-pressure situation, our goal at this point is to get the project scheduled. If we need any additional information from our side or want to consult some other contractors, we suggest that happens before the site visit.

4. Talk to us about your next concrete project.