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10 Year Guarantee

We offer all our clients a 10 Year Guarantee on our work against structural cracking (even though our concrete suppliers will not guarantee ‘their’ concrete.)  Cracks in concrete are extremely common but often misunderstood. When cracks occur, everyone assumes the worst. This is not the case and we will do everything we can to control concrete cracks and keep crack widths to 5mm and under.

We have full confidence in our workmanship and use of quality materials.

Note:  Our 10 Year Guarantee does not cover:

  • Early vehicle uses of concrete
  • Heavy Vehicle use
  • Excessive weather changes
  • Improper use of concrete i.e. uses of patio area as a house extension
  • Unspecified sub-base i.e. landfills unknown to the contractor
  • Improper installation of plumbing and drainage under and around concrete works

Improper or minimal curing period.

Our 10 Point Service Promise

In addition to our 10 Year Guarantee we offer the following Service Promise.

  1. We will be transparent, providing you with a quick and accurate cost and time estimation.
  2. We will be courteous at all times during work as well as to and from work. If ever we’re discourteous, we encourage you to let us know.
  3. We will respect each customer’s property. Respecting the property of others is a fundamental courtesy. If our employees damage property, we will fix the damage at our cost.
  4. We will attend appointments, make arrangements and perform your work in a timely and accurate manner.
  5. We will take the time to listen carefully to what you have to say and give input or feedback where necessary.
  6. We will keep your place and our work area tidy and clean up all our work mess and rubbish at the end.
  7. We will always ensure our work meets and/or exceeds all relevant Australian Building Standards, as well as following approved engineering, council, architectural, building and professional trade advice and drawings.
  8. We will always keep a clear line of communication before, during and after carrying out your concrete works. This includes giving simple to understand advice or clarifying any unfamiliar terms and details.
  9. We will ensure that our licences and insurances are up to date to give you peace of mind knowing that we are fully qualified, capable and competent. We protect our business to protect your business.
  10. We will give you a courtesy call 3 business days after completion of all works to ensure that you are completely satisfied. As we strive to constantly improve our customer service, your honest feedback will be greatly appreciated.