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Our 4C’s Process

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We sit down with you to understand and get clear on your situation, your vision for your home and then provide you a solution to bring it to life


We create a clear scope of works based on your requirements and prepare a detailed schedule including timeline & budget for the team to follow and stay on track.


To ensure all parties (client, contractor & employee) are protected all works are carried out according to the relevant building standards, business operating requirements & safety regulations


Protecting your new investment to your home as well as renewing the old outdated and worn out concrete with respray or resurfacing.


Following the 4C’s process helps us and our clients create well designed and professionally executed concrete work that adds substantial aesthetic appeal to any home or business owner.

Improved, practical and open outdoor and indoor spaces for living, car parking, storage and entertaining.

It also gives peace of mind and trust to home and business owner knowing the concrete design and installation were done to the highest standard of construction.

To understand what our clients needs we had to understand their situation and problem better. Of the hundreds of different situations & problems property owners face they can all be traced back to 3 main areas.

Customer Problems

  • Outdated or Worn out Appearance

    Brand new concrete looks amazing and definitely adds value and pride in your home. How it doesn’t always look like this. If regular maintenance is not kept up it can expose the surface to the elements and everyday use which over time will lead to an eye saw especially if it’s at the front of an already beautiful home.

  • Lack of storage or living & entertaining space

    We live in a world of constant change especially regarding family, work and lifestyle, storage is never enough. Lack of space for car parking, storage or living and entertaining can greatly affect how we live day to day.

  • Structural failures

    Concrete plays an important part in our daily lives from roads to buildings, driveways, to retaining wall. If they fail they can cause huge disruptions, injuries and even fatalities. Structural failures are caused by the following.

    1. Insufficient concrete design
      The engineering specification does not match the intended use e.g a thin concrete slab to park a semi trailer truck or a design specifies the use of a lower strength material.
    2. Insufficient installation of the concrete.
      The contractor may not be following the design procedures and standards or using lower strength material. This is usually because of budget and time restraints.
    3. Nature
      If the ground wants to move it probably won’t ask for permission. Trees and the root system is also something to keep in mind.