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Our Service Packages

Every construction project (whether it’s a small shed slab, driveway/ floor or even high rise building) that runs and end as intend or better usually have 3 things to begin with:

Clear scope of works

Detailed Schedule

Reasonable Budget

When it comes to residential concrete projects like a footpath, driveway or floor slab most people know what they want to do, some people have an idea on how its done but not many people are certain on the costs involved. That’s why we created our packages to cater for all projects and all budgets.


Small, Medium Projects
E.g Shed slab, Footpath

Looking to save some money by doing the project themselves. They enjoy getting their hands dirt abit of labour work and having a bit of fun and pride in work.


  • Hand Tools supplied.
  • Ordering & delivery of material.
  • 30 minute Onsite Advise.
  • How to Chart.


  • A bit of fun with the family
  • Save money
  • Create something with your own hands


Small, Medium, Large Projects
Shed slab, Driveways, House Slab, Civil & Commercial works

Need an extra hand or the specialist finishing touch or installation. We got you covered. Client or Contractor supplies material and do excavation and we come in and install and/or put the finishing touch on a project whether its formwork, steel or concrete.


  • Experienced Tradesman
  • Insurances and Certification
  • Vehicle and tools.
  • Quality placement and finish of
    • Formwork,
    • steel &
    • concrete.


  • Time saved can be spent on other important tasks.
  • Save on most heavy labour work
  • Professional installation and finishing
  • Confidence knowing that work will be completed on time.


Small, Medium, Large Projects
Shed slab, Driveways, House Slab, Civil & Commercial works.

We take care of everything part of the construction from start to finish. We discuss your ideas and you sit back and watch the transformation.


  • ‘Place & Finish’ packages included plus
  • Guaranteed Scheduling of projects
  • 1 free clean ‘n’ seal maintenance care 6 months after concrete pour.
  • 10 years Guarantee on workmanship.
  • Priority communication for 2 years after concrete pour.


  • Time saved can be spent doing other important things
  • No heavy lifting or hard manual labour.
  • No organising and ordering of material, trades and council.