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Residential Concreting

What Type of Residential Concrete Jobs Do You Undertake?

Inspire concrete has been fortunate to have experience in all areas of residential concreting jobs. Newly developing areas in Sydney’s west have allowed us to also work on single story dwellings and some two-story dwellings. However, many of the quicker and popular jobs have been for driveways and the addition of pouring a slab for a granny flat.

With Sydney’s booming real-estate market adding some value-adds to your property can surely increase the worth of your property or allow you to utilize the land to create another stream of income through house-sharing apps like AirBnB.

What Timelines Can Be Expected For These Jobs?

The following timelines with the jobs can be expected. This will showcase how quick or complex a job can be, however, it is best to call for a quote so we can speak further on your requirements.

  • Driveways ~ 3 Days
  • Granny Flats ~ 3 Days
  • Houses ~ 1 Week

What Process Do You Follow?

Inspire Concrete follows a 3 Phase process for most residential jobs. An outline has been provided to showcase our attention and care to ensure your job receives a quality finish.

  • Phase 1
    • Preparation
    • Excavation
    • Surveying
  • Phase 2
    • Formwork & Laying Steel
    • Certified & Approved for Layout by Owners & Engineers
  • Phases 3
    • Pouring & Finishing the Concrete