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What We do

Type of Concrete Project

When it comes to driveways, pathways, floor slabs and alfresco entertaining areas, concrete is unmatched in its functionality, economy and design flexibility.

We can create practical, beautiful outside spaces and surfaces that compliment the appearance of your home.

Below is a breakdown of what’s involved and what to keep in mind with each type of concreting project.

Our Service Packages

Every construction project (whether it’s a small shed slab, driveway/ floor or even high rise building) that runs and end as intend or better usually have 3 things to begin with;

  1. Clear scope of works
  2. Detailed Schedule
  3. Reasonable Budget

When it comes to residential concrete projects like a footpath, driveway or floor slab most people know what they want to do, some people have an idea on how its done but not many people are certain on the costs involved. That’s why we created our packages to cater for all projects and all budgets.

Our 4C’s Process

Following the 4C’s process helps us and our clients create well designed and professionally executed concrete work that adds substantial aesthetic appeal to any home or business owner.

Improved, practical and open outdoor and indoor spaces for living, car parking, storage and entertaining.