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A Note From John:

“As a professional drafter, I can design and read plans and translate your ideas into stunning finishes. I’m a bit more than a concreter, I have more than 13 years’ experience in the construction industry and been on both sides of the fence. Designing and constructing. I understand what is needed to pass council regulations and inspections.

Sometimes I’ve seen concreting jobs go horribly wrong because they didn’t understand how to follow the plans properly. I’m not interested in doing fast rough jobs.

I pride myself in delivering a fantastic job. I want to be proud to put my name on every job. I go out of my way to deliver what my clients want, when other concreters say “that’s too hard” and walk away. I love the challenge of delivering extraordinary work. It’s so much more satisfying to see the smile on my client’s faces when they see the beautiful finish.

Oh, and you’ll never hear any foul language, see any bad habits or receive any false promises from us or see any shortcuts. We are honest, hardworking and driven to excel.”

About John

John Nisa is a unique concreter in that he has been on both sides of the construction process – Design and Construction.

After 5 years of learning, growing and producing Development Approval and Construction Certificate drawings of factories, shop and office fitouts and housing in both Australia and New Zealand, he was eager to move on the next phase of construction – turning inspired designs into reality. And so the last 8 years of concreting, John has developed and gained valuable concrete experience by working on a variety of projects and with many smart builders, concreters, landscapers and homeowners.

John has completed a nationally recognised Certificate III in Concreting and currently holds a concrete contractor licence (No. 260195C). John also holds a National Diploma of Architectural Technology. John takes pride in the work he produces as well as the safety of all involved and is fully insured and guarantees his work.